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MyBillPayment (MBP) is a local-Brunei online payment gateway. It facilitates credit card transactions via an eCommerce website. Our credit card processor is Baiduri Bank.

MBP is highly secured website with SSL encryption and malware scan run by GoDaddy and verified by VISA/MasterCard SecureCode.

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POWERInstant is a virtual electricity top-up alternative to POWERKad. Customers can instantly receive the electricity meter 20-digit token on their mobile phone. It is fast, convenient and saves the environment.

Purchase POWERInstant from the following:
via SMS (for EASI subscribers only)
DST Incomm Website
MyBillPayment (for local credit/debit card holders only)

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EASI Electronic Top-Up is an alternative to DST EASI Card. Customers automatically receive their mobile top-up and instantly increase the EASI load balance. No more scratching cards, no more queueing, no more hassle.

Purchase EASI Top-up now from the following:
DST Incomm
MyBillPayment (for local credit/debit card holders only)

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With Progresif TopUp you can instantly add credit to your Progresif prepaid account, in any amount between $5 and $100. All Progresif Prepaid credit last 90 days. Progresif TopUp is available at all Progresif stores and most local retailer (just look for our TopUp signs)

Progresif TopUp is also available online at:
MyBillPayment (for local credit/debit card holders only)

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SMS Broadcast is a web platform for ‘bulk-sms-system’ or ‘push-message’. It is great for small-medium businesses to handle short/instant message, memos or promotions.

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SMS Pin is a Two-factor authentication (also known as 2FA or 2-Step Verification). A technology used for security login for membership websites. It sends 4-digit authorisation code to the real account user. The user then need to enter the code to verify his/her access.

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Other Services:

We provide vast business solutions – from ideas to conceptions, mentorship to investment partnership, I.T. consultancy and outsourcing, web and mobile platforms, designs, branding and marketing management.

We provide tokenized support to store credit card information so that our merchant clients can make recurring payment request without having to store confidential information on their e-commerce platform.

For merchant that desire to embed our payment gateway feature into their own app, for both Android and IOS, we can provide their developers in-mobile calls SDK, as well as the necessary assistance and training when trying to link into the SDKs.

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